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Hasty Bake Cutting Boards

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$ 160.00

We have an OVERSTOCK of Hasty Bake Cutting Boards and offering them at a deeply discounted price for the holiday season. Makes great gifts for your grill master! LESS THAN 10 of each size available.

Each board is hand-crafted by hand from Rock Maple and exotic Red Blood Hardwood from Africa.  The grease channel is designed to trap juices and keep grease from spilling onto the floor during carving.  One side of the board has no grease drain or logo and the other side has the logo and grease drain.  Prepare you food on one side flip it over, carve and serve on the other side. 

Each cutting board comes with instructions of how to care for the cutting board and a starter cutting board wax.


  • 9" x 28" - fits the Gourmet/Legacy grill and has Hasty Bake logo and 1/2 inch drain around the board.
  • 9" x 21" - fits the Continental/Suburban grill and has Hasty Bake logo and 1/4 drain around the board.
  • 9" x 16" - fits the side shelf of both Gourmet/Legacy and Continental/Suburban grills, has Hasty Bake logo, no drain